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I'm still not in the habit of regularly checking Mastodon. Trying to get into it!

I need work. If you have use for software development in Python or C, on Linux or Debian, I'm available: short-term contracts, or part-time or full-time employment. I can do coding, and software architecture. I can work remotely. I reside in Finland, if that matters.

@Briankelly you've reminded me to migrate my mastodon account from that provider to this one… :)

Looks like 4 out of 5 mouse buttons on my beloved IBM UltraNav keyboard have died. It's had a good innings, though.

also try some mobile clients

I must migrate my old instance to this one once I get back logged into it

I need to follow some interesting people. Offer me suggestions!

Trying to follow a couple of people from other mastodon instances and see what happens

This whole thing is just a playground for me. I'm also looking at some other stuff, over here →